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Monday, September 14, 2015

Did we mention it's free?

So if you haven't heard, all mini-ams and pro-ams are free to all participents. It's easy and it's free! BUT.... if you are an amateur, you must have a USA BMX membership and be signed up for your normal class or cruiser race. So not only do you get to earn double points, watch some awesome pro-am racing, help a good cause but you also have a chance to win a bunch of great stuff.  You'd be crazy not to be there.

Mini-am update.

  Just got word from Bay Area bmxers newest member Anthony Lee that he has stepped up to sponsor a micro-mini-am for the 6 and unders. He is personally putting up Toys-r-us gift cards  for all kids that make it to the main. First place will receive $75, second $50, third $25 and main event qualifiers will receive $20. This is free for all kids 6 and under boys, girls and all classes. You must sign up for your normal USA BMX class at the love serie to race the mini-am.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

2015 NorCal Love Seies4.

Ok everyone, thanks for being patient,here are some details for the Series opener at North Bay bmx in Beautiful Napa California. You can find more info for Northbay bmx here: http://northbaybmx.org/ including track location. First of all we will be doing it like we've done in the past except this time its a double points race.It will be $25 dollars to race with a good chunk of all entry fees going to the Bay Area BMXers after school program. I will make another post soon explaining what the After school program is and hopefully it will answer any questions and maybe inspire some of you to get involved. $5 dollars of each entry fee will also be donated to the pro-am, and if you've been to any of our past pro-ams, you know the action will be on point. PRO-Am: The Pro-am is open to all ages 15 and older.It is free to race but if you are an amateur you must sign for your class race as well. There is at least $500 guaranteed to the winner and it should likely be much more depending on the turnout. We will also be having a 40 and over Run-what-you-brung race.There will be a $10 charge for this race with everything going into the pot.We are also coming up with a cool trophy and a gift basket which will likely include Muscle rub,pain patches,aspirin and liquor. But Bragging rights will be on the line. MINI-ams: The mini-ams will be broken into two age groups for both boys and girls. the ages will be "10 and under" and "11-14". The winner or first place for each class will receive a $150 gift certificate to Tangent courtesy of North Bay BMX. More prizes will be added as the race approaches. Mini ams are only $5 to race and are open to all novices,intermediates and experts. This is an exhibition race and no usa bmx points will be awarded.Its for straight prizes and bragging rights. Extra Prizes: To make things even more interesting, North Bay BMX is donating more prizes! The winners of the biggest rider count mains in the Novice,Intermediate,Expert and Girls classes will also win a $100 gift certificate to Tangent. Not to mention our always fat raffle with tons of prizes from you favorite bmx companies. So your gonna want to make it out if your in the area. #NCLS4

Monday, June 1, 2015

Can Santa Clara Pal bmx be saved?

Santa clara Pal bmx is an important place in my life.Ive made some good friends, bonded with and watched my step son grow up there, but i also got my life together there.When i had finally decide to grow up and take life a little more serious, bmx was a big part of me getting my stuff together and going to Pal 3 times a week not only gave me something positive to do with my time, but it renewed a love for a sport ive had for 35 years. When i first started going to Pal, i had visions of my 13 y.o. self doing can-cans at Red Devil, but my 32 y.o. body wouldnt co-operate, and the ground hurt a lot more then i remembered. Around the same time i decided that Kenny would benefit more from me devoting my bmx energy to helping him, rather then rejuvenating my glory days. I swear it had nothing to do with the pain of crashing. So basically ive spent the last ten years taking Kenny there 3x a week and Ive watched him become a pretty good bmxer and make progress.Ive watched his bike and his sport teach him valuable lessons about life. Hes learned about winning,losing,pain,frustration,joy,setting goals,working hard and one of the greatest ones, how to be humble. And ive probably learned about all that and more myself. Can Pal be saved?Does it need to be saved? I guess it depends on who you ask.I personally hope the bmx program in Santa Clara continues to grow over the following decades and continues to be a place for people from all over the world to come ride their bikes at. I plan on making a bunch of videos sort if explaining what bmx at Santa Clara Pal is to some people and why the track is important.This is the first video and its a simple one about practice. Some of the best riders in the world use Pal as a key part of their weekly training. More to come.

Episode one: Practice. from WestSideBmx TVfqu on Vimeo.