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Sunday, November 30, 2014

What's in a Title?

I miss the Sunday vibe at Grands. I'll admit it. I woke up this morning to a great sleep, perfectly decorated house smelling of fresh pine and the excitement of watching mains. It's easier to be excited when your not stressed out to the point of sickness and well, major anxiety. How I didn't send myself into early labor last year is beyond me. But being there is somehow worth it all.

I know how hard these kids train, ride and live for BMX. I know the full circle of toll it takes on a child, marriage, the entire family... So today, when you are freaking out with excitement and happiness, revel in it. Ride that momentous joy of finishing great or even winning the Greatest Race on Earth. But remember, for every victory there is a loss. For every kid celebrating a new Title, there is one mourning the loss of it.
I've experienced both ends with Nicholas. I can never put into words the feeling of watching your child win Grands and clinch that coveted NAG #1 plate. If I had to: complete stressed-out awesomeness. And I can't put into words how it felt, as a mom, to watch your child break down emotionally from losing that #1 plate, something that in our sport defined who he was a rider. I watched him come apart and the only thing good that came from it was the enforcement that we are surrounded by the right people. One of my closest girlfriends was there to catch Nick. Literally. 

So, ride that win or finish because you never know when the next will come. Well, unless your Jack Kelly, then you know it's probably January. 😁 And be humble, because there's someone on that other end losing it and always another waiting to take it. 

Good luck to all our NorCal peeps and safe riding to everyone.

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