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Monday, August 18, 2014

Summers over.

Summers is officialy over for our family.Kenny started his second year of high school today and im back to regular mondays.Summer was always my favorite time of the year as a kid and being able to share the last 10 summers with Kenny and Jessica has made it my favorite time of year as an adult. Weve been on so many road trips in our beat up old Audi, they've almost become a blur of love and adventure.So much time spent together with friends and family, and i couldnt be more grateful for the experiences.The older i get and the more time we spend in bmx, im realizing its not about the actual bmx part that attracts me and keeps me in the sport. Its about being part of a community and making lasting friendships with people we've met. Dont get me wrong, im still very passionate about bmx racing, but its not the aspect of it i look forward too. For me its about the experience of getting ready for a race and the process of getting to the point of Kenny lining up on the gate for his first lap. The time we spent talking in between sprints is priceless to me, just him and i sitting on the side of a road talking about nothing.And i guess thats why i have a little summer blues right now, because i know those times we spend together in this capacity are getting harder to come by and one day will be gone. Long live Summer.

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