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Monday, August 25, 2014

  It all started with rumors circulating through out the BMX community. "Did you hear they are taking Reno off the schedule?" I honestly didn't think when I first heard it, that it was true. You know how BMX rumors are if your reading this and I thought it was just another like many before. But here we are the Monday before the last Reno. I remember my mom driving me to Reno when I was a kid and the memories are great ones. But I also remember all the great family times shared with Kenny and Jessica and the many friends we've made over the years. With the removal of Roseville from the schedule, Reno has been the NorCal national for the last few years and seeing everyone there has always been part of the draw. Being from California it is incredibly hard to hit many nationals,but we always had Reno. Now it's gone. Too bad California doesn't have the Ridership to support more nationals out west. I love the ABA and have been not only loyal customer but also a major promoter of their events and I hope we can get a little love in the future. Come on USA BMX, quit fucking over the little guys.

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