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Monday, August 11, 2014

BMX focus

  What is your BMX focus? Why do you do what you do? This is something I think about daily. Since getting back into BMX as an adult it has truly changed my life. I used to live a pretty selfish/selfdestructive life and when I was really ready to change, BMX helped me through it. I can't solely give the credit to BMX, many people helped me as well, but BMX gave me something to focus on and helped get me going down a better path in life.
   I loved BMX as a kid and never really lost that love even though I had a huge amount of time with any involvement. So living in Santa Clara it was pretty cool that in my early thirties I could come back to it pretty easily. Originally I wasn't focused on BMX, but looked at it as something to do, maybe get a little exercise. I got a bike,went out,rode a few times and had a blast. I had also started school and was just going to the track if I had nothing to do and this went on for a little while. 
   At this point my focus still wasn't on BMX. I was sort of seeing someone and she had a son. A radio station was doing a promo thing in a parking lot by my school and giving away Dew Tour Tickets and I talked the girls at my school into doing the contests so they could give me the tickets. After getting Enough tickets, I gave two to Jess and told her she should take her son. I "won" enough tickets to go with my brother and his wife and meet jess there. I remember the the exact moment before I met Kenny. I thought to my self, this kid is never going to like me. We met right in front of the Dirt Jump course right after Ryan Guettler knocked himself out. Kenny seemed pretty stoked watching the dirt jumps and I asked him if he's ever been to a track.
  The very next day I found a guy on craigslist willing to trade a redline Jr for a cruiser I had. Jess and I drove an Santa Nella and got the ball rolling. That's probably where my focus started. I was still riding at this point but beating myself up. After riding in an ambulance, i made a decision to put my focus on Kenny. He had started racing and quickly started showing a lot of potential so it was an easy transition from 30 something bmxer trying to relive his glory days to BMX parent/mentor/coach/mechanic/driver/motivator/trainer/sponsor etc. And it has been one of the greatest most rewarding decisions of my life. I got to experience so many things with Kenny's racing, one of the greatest being able to experience the emotional ups and downs with him. 
  I have a lot more to write but need to wrap it up for now. Part 2 coming soon.

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