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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

BMX focus part 3.

Without going into too much detail, i started westside bmx because a bunch of people told me if you dont like how we do it around here, go start your own website.So i did. And it was one of the best decisions i ever made.The original format was a forum.I wanted to create a forum where bmx racers/parents/industry could post about bmx racing without all the drama.But my problem was resources, meaning money, so i had to go with a free forum software and it was a nightmare.I had all the security measures the site had up and running and i still got hit with hardcore porn pages from Russia.I mean it was hardcore gnarley stuff. I was pretty pumped when i saw that posts were being made, but when i clicked on them....Its pretty easy for people to find porn on the internet, but i wasnt going for one of those kinds of sites.So after consulting my I.T. guy(little brother) he switched it over to the blog format it is now.Eventually i hope to have something like i originally planned, but for now it is what it is. But the website isnt the important part to me anymore, but ill explain more in a second.I picked the name by going on godaddy and looking for available .coms.My first choice was westcoastbmx.com, but it was unavalable. Westsidebmx.com was actually my second choice and it just happened to be available.It actually was very fitting to me at the time considering the internet beef i was in was mostly with dudes from back east. I remember vividly the the days of Tupac and Death row so it was sort of a tribute to all that crazyness i guess. And i liked the image of what could go along with "westside". But to be honest it was just a lot of fun trying to build a name brand from nothing into something.Like i said before, the website isnt the important thing, the important thing is that i built a name brand known thru out bmx and its created some incredible opportuities for me and my friends and family. I look at the stats on my video pages and i see that people view videos ive made from all around the world, and that in itself blows my mind.Sending someone a message saying im from westsidebmx is it cool if some of us come out and ride/hang/film a little has opened some incredible doors for me to experience things.But the cool part is ive always had a group of people with me and we all have gotten to experience things with a bunch of great kids.Because at the end of the day its always 100% about the kids and helping them have a better bmx experience and create memories of their own.Hopefully they learn some life lessons about working hard and achieving goals and maybe that will help them all transfer over to being better people in the future.And this is something that is truly rewarding to me when focus can be applied.Stay tuned for part four.

Nick Adams Vegas Semi. from WestSideBmx TVfqu on Vimeo.

I want to throw this Bonus video Clip of one of my personal bmx heroes Nick Adams.I have the worlds largest collection of Nick Adams videos and this is one of my Favorites.I believe its from a semi In Las Vegas.Being such a short track you see riders shut down alot and not go for it, but he never gave up.Keep moving forward.

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