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Friday, January 31, 2014

California AllStar race.

Alot of people sit around and talk about "You know what you should do?" and one of the things ive seen is in regards to the rivalry between Southern California and Northern California.Its been around as long as BMX and some of the best battles in the history of our sport have had a representative from both sides on the gate. Rivalries are a healthy thing in sports and have been used to promote some of the best events though out history.Well what i am proposing is a race in a central location, say Fresno,lay some ground rules and have at it.North vs South.This isnt about points or plates, its about being proud of where you are from and representing that in a showdown. We are already working on an AllStar team here in NorCal and we are issuing a challenge to our friends in SoCal.Get you best together and lets do this.Experts and girls only with a Pro-am.I have nothing but respect for the riders from SoCal and im hoping we can all make this happen.We can also have a nice after party.

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  1. This would be very interesting. How would you propose making moto's for something like this?