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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A message from Cierras dad.

My name is Eric Mauldin I am Cierra’s father. I wanted to reach out to and thank you for raising fund for Cierra for this years Love Series. When your wife is diagnosed with Cancer 3 times and then your child is diagnosed with Cancer lots of things go through your mind. As you go through the surgeries and process of healing your Faith and ability to stay positive starts to diminish. It is through good people and the support of the community that reminds you that people are caring, loving and that you don’t have to go threw this alone. Thank you for choosing Cierra, she is though as it gets no matter how old she may be. She is truly an inspiration to my wife and I she is a great reminder of how strong and resilient children are. I remember just a couple hours out of Cierra's last surgery the only thing she asked was when can I put my helmet on. She has the true spirit of not only a fighter but a racer and has a great passion for the sport. If there is anything you need from us during the Love Series, races or any other time please let us know. We will be at every race to lend a hand if you need it.

Thanks again from our entire family this is a true blessing.

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