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Monday, September 9, 2013

SoCal dvd.

Well its almost done. It's been almost 2 months since we set out on our tour and I'm almost done with the DVD. It was a great learning experience as I've never done this before. I tried to showcase what I thought was cool about our trip and show everyone what they could do down south. This doesn't even really touch what you could as a bmxer in Southern California, but just shows what we as a group of friends and family experienced. I had some camera trouble early on and lost a lot of footage, but I was lucky enough to get some cool stuff. Thanks to everyone that helped make it possible. And thanks to Greg Hill, Mike Redman, Bill Ryan, and Chris Moeller for great interviews that will interest any bmx enthusiast. We are also fortunate to have interviews from Kyle Mitchell, Bj Ensey, Josh Banuellos, Talon Redman, Dani George, Jeremy Rommel and Dave Stevenson.
  We also really appreciate the hospitality from all the tracks and riding spots. We were treated like locals and it was awesome. So check out the DVD and thanks for the support.

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