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Monday, September 2, 2013

2013 BlackJack nationals.

Hows it? Ive been super busy editing the tour video and havent posted on here in a while. But this weekend was the 2013 BlackJack nationals and western division championship in Reno, Nevada.It was another well Run event put on by USA bmx and it was also alot of fun hanging out with the team and friends.Woke up sunday morning feeling awesome, Kenny had a 85 point lead going into the race for the Western Division title in 14 Cruiser and he was riding great.
But when the Quarters came around, he hit a little bad luck and got tangled up with Austin Rogers going into the first turn. Unfortunatley it ended his day and run at the title. We rushed to the hospital to confirm he had a broken collar bone.
Get well soon buddy.But in the mean time check out some videos while you recover. Friday experts:

2013 BlackJack Nationals.Friday expert mains. from WestSideBmx TV on Vimeo.

Friday pros:

2013 BlackJack Nationals.Friday pros. from WestSideBmx TV on Vimeo.

Saturday experts:

2013 BlackJack nationals.Saturday expert mains. from WestSideBmx TV on Vimeo.

Saturday Pros:

2013 BlackJack Nationals.Saturday Pros. from WestSideBmx TV on Vimeo.

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