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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Shark boy at the state finals.

Zach Loftis at the state finals. from WestSideBmx TV on Vimeo.

Our friend and team mate Zach Loftis Had some bad luck and ended up breaking his leg a few weeks ago, but he didnt let it stop him.He still lined up on the gate and earned the State 5 plate he worked all year for.Get well soon buddy.

State finals Cruiser mains.

2013 NorCal state finals.Cruiser mains. from WestSideBmx TV on Vimeo.

Cant forget the big and little tykes on big bikes.The cruiser classes are always awesome because it covers such a wide range or riders and allows everyone to get down.Check out this years mains from the state finals in Roseville.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Girls Main events from the State finals.

2013 NorCal state finals.Girls mains. from WestSideBmx TV on Vimeo.

We cant forget about the young ladies that put in as much work and charge just as hard as the boys.Check out this video of their main events rom the state finals.

2013 NorCal state finals expert mains.

2013 Nor-Cal state finals.Expert Mains. from WestSideBmx TV on Vimeo.

The expert mains at the state finals are always a blast to watch. Alot of riders step it up and put in work to earn a ranking and even champion and its always a pleasure to experience.

2013 Tangent Pro-am.

2013 Tangent Pro-am. from WestSideBmx TV on Vimeo.

The Nor-Cal state finals have once again run in Roseville,Ca at Oak Creek Bmx.The weather was pretty good and the racing was as great as you would expect for this event.Tangent also celebrated the 10th anniversary of their Annual Pro-am and celebrated by once again stepping up to sponsor and organize this years event.Hats off to them for putting on and continuing a great tradition in Nor-Cal bmx.

Monday, September 9, 2013

SoCal dvd.

Well its almost done. It's been almost 2 months since we set out on our tour and I'm almost done with the DVD. It was a great learning experience as I've never done this before. I tried to showcase what I thought was cool about our trip and show everyone what they could do down south. This doesn't even really touch what you could as a bmxer in Southern California, but just shows what we as a group of friends and family experienced. I had some camera trouble early on and lost a lot of footage, but I was lucky enough to get some cool stuff. Thanks to everyone that helped make it possible. And thanks to Greg Hill, Mike Redman, Bill Ryan, and Chris Moeller for great interviews that will interest any bmx enthusiast. We are also fortunate to have interviews from Kyle Mitchell, Bj Ensey, Josh Banuellos, Talon Redman, Dani George, Jeremy Rommel and Dave Stevenson.
  We also really appreciate the hospitality from all the tracks and riding spots. We were treated like locals and it was awesome. So check out the DVD and thanks for the support.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Cruiser mains from saturday in Reno.

2012 BlackJack Nationals.Saturday cruiser. from WestSideBmx TV on Vimeo.

Check out some cruiser mains from the 2013 BlackJack Nationals.Your friend amd mine Al Roybal has a nifty little crash in there.

Leyna Jones isnt Almost Famous anymore

Almost Famous Leyna Jones. from WestSideBmx TV on Vimeo.

If youve never heard of Leyna Jones, you better start paying attention.I think she has tripled at the last 3 nationals but it may be more.Im sure she will show up anytime to a race with a full factory ride.She is the real deal.

Team Westside bmx in reno.

#TeamWestsideBMX at the 2013 BlackJack Nationals. from WestSideBmx TV on Vimeo.

Im really proud of the team and i am really enjoying our weekends together at races.Keep up the good work guys and thanks for representing.

Monday, September 2, 2013

2013 BlackJack nationals.

Hows it? Ive been super busy editing the tour video and havent posted on here in a while. But this weekend was the 2013 BlackJack nationals and western division championship in Reno, Nevada.It was another well Run event put on by USA bmx and it was also alot of fun hanging out with the team and friends.Woke up sunday morning feeling awesome, Kenny had a 85 point lead going into the race for the Western Division title in 14 Cruiser and he was riding great.
But when the Quarters came around, he hit a little bad luck and got tangled up with Austin Rogers going into the first turn. Unfortunatley it ended his day and run at the title. We rushed to the hospital to confirm he had a broken collar bone.
Get well soon buddy.But in the mean time check out some videos while you recover. Friday experts:

2013 BlackJack Nationals.Friday expert mains. from WestSideBmx TV on Vimeo.

Friday pros:

2013 BlackJack Nationals.Friday pros. from WestSideBmx TV on Vimeo.

Saturday experts:

2013 BlackJack nationals.Saturday expert mains. from WestSideBmx TV on Vimeo.

Saturday Pros:

2013 BlackJack Nationals.Saturday Pros. from WestSideBmx TV on Vimeo.