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Monday, August 5, 2013

Mini-am/Pro-am video from the Love Series Finals.

2013 NorCal Love series Pro-am and Mini-Am mains.Spreckles Park bmx. from WestSideBmx TV on Vimeo.

Thank you to everyone that supported the Love Series this year.A big thanks to all the sponsors,tracks and volunteers.We couldnt have done it with out you and owe you all for its success. Im going to Go back to the drawing board with what ive learned from the last 2 years and figure out how to eveolve and come back stronger.NorCal Love series 3 is in the future.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Love series history.

Its been brought to my attention that there are some people that werent around when everything started with the love series..So heres a quick history lesson. The love series was started when Luke O'moores dad approached me at Santa Clara pal and asked if i could take some pictures of his son.He explained to me that Luke had just been approved by his doctor to start riding again.He had been diagnosed with leukemia earlier in the year and hadnt been able to ride since he started treatment.I took the pictures, but didnt know how to reach Fergal to send them to him. The next week i contacted Misty Castro and and told her i wanted to find out who the boy was and get together a bmx gift bag for him.I still didnt know who he was and Kelly Molles had found a picture of him associated with the Lucile Packard foundation.I called the Packard foundation and told them about the situation and could they please have the Parents contact me.We rallied together as a community and not only found Luke,got him some cool bmx gifts but with the Help of team Napa Valley Crush and Supercross we built him a new bike. We could have left it at that, but when we all heard that Luke had a charity that he started with His Brother Cian that gives back to Lucile Packard, the Love series was born.We raised money thru a series of BMX races and gave all the money to Lukes Lemons which they donated to the hospital to keep working towards a cure for childhood cancer. The first Year we raised over $10,000.This year we have raised over $8,000 with our biggest race coming up this weekend.Not only will we raise money we will also be hosting the premier bmx event of the year.This isnt about chasing points and fighting at the track.This is about coming together,Racing,and doing some good at the same time.The Pro-am will be one of the Biggest pro races on the westcoast this year with riders coming from NorCal,SoCal,Nevada,Arizona and Oregon.We will also be having Pro-ams for kids called Mini-ams with incredible prizes from some of the top companies in the sport.Along with and old school bike show that you wont want to miss.We will also be raffling Off a complete Redline Flight of your choice brought to you by Team Redline Challenge. So if you love bmx and hate cancer, make sure you are in Manteca this weekend.Signups for the race are from 10-12 with racing starting soon after.Entry fee for the Lukes lemons race is $15 with $10 going towards cancer research and $5 going to the Pro-am pot.Entry to the Pro-am is $20 with 100% of that going into the Pro Payout.The Entry Fee for the Mini-ams is $10 with all entry fees also going to the charity. If you are an amateur Racing in either the Pro-am or mini am, you must also sign Up for the Lukes Lemons race for insurance reasons. Thank you to all of our sponsors and supporters and we hope to see you all saturday in manteca.