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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Tours starting soon...

    It's kind of funny the way things come about in my life. I had never intended on A tour, it just sort of snowballed off an original Message I sent to Erick from Ventura/Nema.
   I had told him that I would love to come to Ventura bmx and film, and he suggested we come out for the state race. Being that it was a week after Vegas it made sense to me to hit it on the way home.  It's not really on my way, but if I tried really hard to take the long way home, I could hit a bunch cool stuff along the way. 
    I've always thought it looked cool when you would see the Old school tour clips in videos and that kind of vibe is something I want to help share with the people on our trip.

  BMX for us has gotten so routine and I wanted a different experience for our family and this is what I came up with. Should be interesting.
  So check back here over the next couple of weeks for exclusive tour content and behind the scenes shanigans. We are filming all of this for a little tour vid by the way so if your in SoCal we may see you at a track.

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