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Monday, July 15, 2013

Chillin in Ontario.

We left Vegas around 11:30 and drove to the Supercross warehouse. It was really cool to check out and Jeremy,Dani and Bill were top notch hosts and treated us great. All though it was to windy to ride, it was cool to see  the playground first hand.
   Back on the road he headed straight to Mike Redman grand pri bmx aka Lake Perris. They just did a rebuild and its dope. Everyone riding had a great time and the bridge is dope. You really should check it out. It had a great vibe and the caliber of Riders was killer. Sizemore,Nobles, Stancil,Mitchells to name a few and a bunch of out of owners including Ensey and Banuelos made for a cool filming session.
  Now we are just chilling in Ontario down the street from the Riots. Ttyl.

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