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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

New race league coming soon

  At least a solid hopefuly. I'm going to try to start a pro-am and
mini-am league.
  I want it to be by age group and that's it. Boys classes, Girl Classes with cool prizes and awards and Pro-ams.
  No Nov,inter, or opens. Race what ever size bike you want.
  I really want to make it a legit pro-am league as well and find ways to make it worth setting a goal to be a pro bmxer.
  More details to come.

1 comment:

  1. ABA will never let it happen and bankrupt you in the first year..good luck...many have went and gone...Maybe a Nor Cal league like the old UBR might work just 4 Nationals a year...dont mean to burst your bubble just dropping a little knowledge...UBR worked because it was just Nationals but ABA/USA took their best National which was Reno, but they had badass Rebel #1 Pro's like Ron Anderson that made the league bad to the bone....maybe have MR T as President of the League and have him and the ABA president box it out for the Reno National, and have PSYKOPATH as the Main Sponsor..