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Friday, April 5, 2013

Rennen Smart sprint Speedometer.

  First of all I just want to say I don't know Rennen and Im giving this review as a parent and consumer. I ordered the Rennen Smart Print Speedometer from bmxtraining.com and got it in the mail the other day.
  I got it installed pretty easily and after adjusting the magnets,  got it dialed in. First thing Kenny did were 90 foot sprints. I was able to log his time, top speed and how fast it took him to get to 20 mph all into a note pad app on my phone. I honestly think today is the hardest he's ever done Sprints trying to better his times.
  Next we went to Santa Clara pal and I set it for 120 feet which was right after the first jump, and we were able to log the same data easily and quickly. It's a sweet setup for $80, considering all it does. So check out rennendesigngroup.com or bmxtraining.com for more info or to order yours right now, if you want to get serious with your progress in your training.

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