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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Phoenix Pro scooters hooking up the mini-ams!!

Phoenix pro scooters are tuff. from PhoenixProCycles on Vimeo.

Once again the action sports community is getting behind the NorCal Love2 series.Everyone at this point in the BMX racing community has heard of Phoenix Pro Cycles, but did you know they also make scooters?Not only do they make them, but they are the best scooters money can buy.So if you love bmx racing and scooters this is a great opportunity for you to win some incredible prizes from Phoenix Pro scooters.Check out this video to see just how incredibly tuff their scooters are, and dont miss the NorCal love2 mini-ams.More info to come, so check back for updates.Check out Phoenixproscooters.com

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