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Monday, February 25, 2013

NorCal Love2 update.

This is your NorCal Love2 update for Mon. Feb 25th 2013:

  We have been working hard and reaching out to many in the bmx community.And so far we've received a lot of love in return.So this Year we are going to be adding to our auctions tons of jerseys from your favorite riders.Such as: Rusty Nesvig,Walker Finch,Tyler Shaefer,Bubba Gonzales, Austin Hiatt,Dani George,Josh Banuelos,Jeremy Rommel, Jordan Miranda, Shalen Reno,Kenny Cross,Gavin Lubbe,Pete Pascual,Taylor Wolcott,Joey Bradford,Carlee Ferree, Jared Garcia and others.
  We have also been fortunate to receive products and support from the following companies:

Phoenix Pro cycles:  http://www.phoenixprocycles.com/
Phoenix Pro Scooters:  http://www.phoenixproscooters.com/
X-Brand goggles. http://eksbrand.com/
LDC bmx: http://www.ldcbmx.com/
Tangent products:  http://www.tangentproducts.com/
Oxylent:  http://www.facebook.com/oxylent
Bell Helmets:  http://www.bellhelmets.com/cycling
Coach G's Bmx training:  http://www.bmxtraining.com/bmx_training.html
Clif Bar:  http://www.clifbar.com/
Kali Protectives:  http://www.kaliprotectives.com/
Snap bmx Products:  http://www.snapbmxproducts.com/
Hyper bmx:  http://www.hyperbicycles.com/bmx/
Andersons Bike and mow:  http://www.andersonsmowerandbike.com/
Fairfax cyclery:   http://fairfaxcyclery.com/
Calabzas cyclery:  http://calabazas.com/
Marina cycle and skate:  http://www.marinacycleandskate.com/
Go Big Graphics:  http://gobiggraphix.com/
Jump2Jump:  http://www.jump2jump.com/
Shovel Wizard: http://www.shovelwizard.com/
Bryce Betts designs:  http://brycebetts.com/contact.html
Grommie gear:  http://www.grommiegear.com/Default.asp
Bombshell Parts: http://www.bombshellparts.com/
Bandit Racing.

 And more will be added to the list.Make sure you take a second to check out their websites and like all of their face book pages.Show as much support for the companies that support these type of things and they will continue to support you as well.

  One of the things we are also talking about is doing the Mini ams  and pro ams separate from the  Love Series final race.It will have a pro spectacular type of feel to it.We are still working out the details and will let you know more when its finalized.Got to get back to work more details to come.

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