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Friday, January 25, 2013

Goofin off at the hotel.

  Bmx can be stressful and some times its important to blow off a little steam.Check out our vid and see how some racers do it.
hotel fun

A pro and Vet Pro in Reno.

   Blake Paulson is on Fire and he has been since turning pro in Reno.This year in Reno at the 2013 Silver Dollar Nationals is pretty starting off the same, with a win.Also making his pro debut is multiple number one amateur Josh Klatman.He was in the mix all weekend and shouldnt spend too much time in A pro.T-Hoff also made his comeback to racing and gives a little insight into what hes been going thru to get back on the trackIt was great to also see Alexis Vergara looking like hes having fun racing again.In my opinion he will be in the title hunt come grands time.
  Heres a video from sundays action.

Sundays pro mains.

Phoenix Pro cycles Silver Dollar Nationals videos.

  Phoenix is really stepping up the efforts of their team presence on the USA bmx national circuit. Its been awesome to see a new company really come on to the sceen and start to make an impact.Expect to see more from Tom Floyd and his crew in the future.Check out some video of the Factory team in action.
Saturday video.

Sunday video

Team Westside at the 2013 Silver Dollar nats.

The team had a great time and kicked off the year right.It was a beautiful weekend despite saturdays show and the sheet of ice that covered the roads.Its going to be a fun year hanging out with the team and cant wait untill our next race.Check ot a vid of the team in action.
>>Reno Video<<

Friday, January 4, 2013

Bryce Betts clinic

 Dont miss out an your chance to train with Bryce Betts and Scooter Video Sensation Austin Hiatt.This is a really good chance to get some track time before Reno and take advantage of the years and years of knowledge these two have about bmx.They are both extremely talented racers and the clinic will be great.Bryce is also going tobe launching his new web series soon and will be filming the first episode at the clinc,and they will have goodie bags.