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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

2012 USA bmx grands.

  I always told Kenny every year that we weren't going to the grands unless he was in the running for a nag number, and this year he he was and we did.Ive heard alot of negative opinions about USA bmx since the merger and to be honest  i really dont agree with that sentiment.I love that me and my family have a place to do something that weve grown to love as a family and add many new members to that family.Is everything always run perfectly?No.Do i think the west coast has enough nationals?NO.But if youve seen The ABA crew do their thing, you should be impressed.Its not a huge company with thousands of employees, its the same small group of people you see at every national working their asses off.It cant be easy,bmx nationals are controlled chaos to say the least, and the grands is on a whole other level.So first and for most congratulations and thank you for all of your hard work,my family and i had the time of our lives.
  Back to Kenny.This year we did it a little differant then the last few years.He didnt race alot of locals and he trained away from the track most of the time.It worked out well and now i have something to referencs for next season to make improvements in the program.But as far as kenny personaly i couldnt be more proud of his acomplishments.He worked really hard and had a great year.
  The Track was incredible and the talent in that building was incredible.I ended up with about 5 hours of footage and will be posting videos over the next week.I know there is a lot of video coming out of the grands, but i worked my butt off to make sure i captured it the best...To be continued...

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