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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Dont miss out on SuperCamp.

Bmx summer camp is once again underway at Santa Clara Pal bmx with the SuperCamp crew.Burlin brought out his boys including 3 times ABA number one pro Bubba Harris and Lee the Flea who needs no introduction.This is Kennys 5th year of going to camp and hes improved as a racer every year.I cant say enough good stuff about SuperCamp, it is an awesome experience for everyone.

  But it seems that the number of riders is way down.This could be do to a number of things, but its not too late to get out there for the last three days.Your kid will have a great time and the pool party alone will make his or her summer complete.So get down there tomorrow around 8 oclock and sign up.ITS NOT TOO LATE.DO IT.If some dude at the track told you it was a waste of money and your kids wont get anything out of it, he lied to you.And im sure he told you that with in a few sentences of offering his training services.Dont miss out.

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