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Friday, June 1, 2012

Pic of the day.

 I love it when my niece and nephew come over.Matt puts on Kennys old gloves and helmet and we move all of the chairs out of the dinning room.Thats his track, and he puts in work.
 I took one of Kennys old plates with a number 3 on it but he would only let me put it on his bike with a number 1.I didnt actually have a number one so i took one of those seat stickers that comes with the Uni seats and voila.
  When ever he trains he throws some crash practice in there too.Hes constantly working on form and execution.Its all about having the proper roll.
He can ride a wheelie for days and he should start hittin the track soon.I gotta see if Nema can make a jersey small enough for him.

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