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Monday, June 4, 2012

Meghan Matthews interview.

 Meghan Matthews is a NorCal legend in the making, almost there in fact.Shes had a long and decorated bmx career and she just brought home the world number 2 honor to the USA.But not only is she a great racer, she's also a great ambassador for the sport. Ive seen Meghan at races cheering for a kid like they were her own, with passion.I think she is one to keep an eye on, and it should be an interesting story.She took a few moments of her time to give us a quick interview.

WestSide:Whats your name, how old are you, how long have you been racing?
MM:Meghan Matthews 19 and 12 years

WS:What got you into bmx? And how has it impacted your life?
MM:Jon Anderson and my dad are close, and he was racing at the time and he and his daughter Crissy were racing. They got my brother into it first and then when I was 7 I started. It's impacted my life in a good way. I have friends from everywhere, a Bmx family and riding my bike is fun and enjoyable, if I'm not having a good day or not in a good mood going to a track and riding w/ friends always cheers me up, it's something I choose to do over partying and stuff that's gonna get me into trouble.

WS:What are some of your bmx accomplishments?
MM:World 2, 4 ,5 and 8. State one multiple times, district one multiple times ,top 5 nag multiple times, national 13 and redline cup 1 multiple times.

WS:Now being an adult and having alot of new things in life headed your way, what are you plans and goals for bmx?
MM:I still want to ride and be involved in Bmx, I'm going to new Zealand next year to try and get world one, I work and go to school now and I still have time for racing. I'm going to try and stay with racing for a while.

WS:Ive seen you at races cheering for kids like a legit Crazy Mom, what has it been like being a role model and working with riders that are newer to the sport?
MM:I love having little kids look up to me, it's an incredible feeling having kids cheer for me and asking m for help on things they don't understand, and always seeing them smiling when I congratulate them, it's a feeling you will never get from any other sport.

WS:Any plans on turning professional in the future?
MM:In the future.Next year or year after. Yes.

WS:What are your plans outside of bmx?What do you want to be when you grow up?
MM:Right now I'm going to school to just get my general education out of the way, but I want to be an sports trainer/physical therapist.

WS:I think your background in bmx will serve you well in that field. Care to share a training tip with the world?
MM:I would say just go for what you want and know in yourself that you can achieve your goals with hard work, do your sprints and work out and it will all pay off in the long run .

WS:Good advice.Do you tink you will have to change your training program if and when you turn pro?
MM:Oh yes definitely, I'm gonna have to stick with training and work a lot harder if I want to be in the mix with the pro class

WS:I think i remember seeing you hit the big starting hill in Arizona last year.What was that like and are you going to be doing Supercross racing?
MM:I've rode Chulas sx track, so Arizonas hill was about the same, it's crazy how much speed you get off it and how fast you get going down the first straight, I like the hill because there's always a first jump that you have to jump, and when I turn pro I think I will do super cross races.

WS:Thats awesome. Any Olympic dreams? I know every bmxer would want it, but its a serious commitment. Is it something you want?
MM:In 2016, I am still eligible to be in the Olympics and it is something I want and am willing to work for, and be serious about, cause in 2016 there's gonna be tough competition to compete with.

WS:Well Meghan i wish you nothing but the best of luck in all off you future life adventures.Is there anything you want to say or anyone you want to thank?

Meghan Matthews:I'd like to thank you for asking me to do this interview of course  my parents for there support and long weekends of nationals, mike Melvin for EVERYTHING he has done for me, my team manager Dennis Hammond for both of my new bikes, my team "team bc" for all the support, my friends for knowing I can do it, and everyone who is there cheering for me and congratulating me it means a lot to have all of you there for me! Thank you!!Oh and also my trainer James Moore and training partners chad Downey and Nic Lui for making me try harder at training.

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