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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Ryan Pettigrew interview.

 How many athletes in the world in any sport can suffer a crippling injury and be going  hard for a world title 9 months later? Im not talking pro or amatuer, im talking athletes.Check out this link:
  At the 3:47 second or so mark,you see Ryan Pettigrew going H.A.M. for a world title and going down.This was his first race back in 9 monthes after pretty much disconnecting his foot from his ankle.This kid is an amazing talent and i think hes coming back with a strong desire to win.When youve been number one everything, im sure nothing else seems right.Ryan is one of my favorite riders in bmx and not  just because of his riding ability.If you need a role model for your kid, tell them to pay attention to Ryan.He took a little time from his busy schedule over at the worlds and answered a few questions for us.

WestSide:In a nut shell what were your injuries and how long have you been out for?
RyanPettigrew:Severed foot: 9 months.

WS:What has it been like for the last couple of months with getting back on the bike?
RP:Its been a rough time since day one after surgery. Getting back on the bike is'nt everything, its about mid way of the recovery.

WS:Have you been able to give 100% in training?
RP:In some ways I have but with some permeant damage along with the months into recovery I've had to alter the way I train and do things.

WS:Are you nervous?
RP:I try to stay  positive, nerves can be worked out later.

WS:Do you feel your 100% on the track?
RP:With the small amount of time on the track I do feel confident, definitely not 100% my old self though.

WS:Where do you need the most work at on the track after being away?
RP:.I feel I have tons to improve on, from start to finish.

WS:What advice would you give to someone else coming back from an injury?
RP:Best advice would be staying positive. Look at the injury as a little break to get away from racing.

WS:Any shout outs or anyone you want to thank?
RP: I want to thank mom and dad for sticking with me and being possitive through everything I've been through the last year. My team manager Scott & Terri Angus for sticking with me through my injury and being patient and as always taking care of me. As well as Kirk &Birk @ J&R bikes.com, the Gonzales family, Hank, and all my other faimily and friends.

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