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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Practice pictures fro PALs state race.

  It was an awesome day at Santa Clara pal bmx.They successfully hosted their triple point state qualifier today and the racing was Hot.The track looked great and all of the volunteers pulled off a smooth race.They also ran a pro am Hosted by NorCal legend Terry Tennete and one of the young Guns Diggity Dogg pulled of the upset winning all rounds.If your Not familiar with the name Diggity Dogg, he also goes by Bryce Betts.
   Jon Moohey gets the digger award after getting a little squirley in practice and going down.He wasnt seriously injured but he did get to spend some one on one time with Robert.He is in good spirits and doing fine.
   The team compitition was intense.Im very proud of my boys for bringing home a perfect team sheet, but rider counts did us in.Congratulations to the top three teams:
1)Napa Valley Crush
2)Team Icee
3)Marina cycles.
   I believe there were almost as many motos as the love series race so you know it was a good turn out.The facilities are looking great and and the crew over there is working hard to provide everyone with a great program.This is an album from the practice session:

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