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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Good luck to all the USA riders!!!!

  I noticed on facebook today that a lot of people are en route to the BMX world championships in England. For some it is their first trip and for others this is a dream they have been pursuing for many years.But either way, the experience of going to the worlds and representing your country is one of the unique things about of little sport. We all as BMX parents sacrifice a lot to give our kids this lifestyle and i know for me personally there is nothing else id rather do.Representing your team at bmx races is a lot of fun but representing your country on the world stage is taking it to another level.So i just want to say good luck to all the riders going and give props to the parents,families, friends,communities and sponsors for helping them get there.Be safe in your travels and take lots of pictures. If you would like more info about the upcoming Worlds, click the link below.


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