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Saturday, May 19, 2012


  Not that Drama, this is a bmx site, im talking about track drama.It seems everyone has been involved in some of it at some point.Bmx racing is a very small community and thru doing the Love series i noticed that alot of people just dont like each other.People talk behind each others backs, spread rumors, do things out of spite or even try to intimidate children.Its a very sad side of a great sport, but being a small community its hard to escape.
  If you follow the online bmx community then youve probably seen threads about BMX growing.To me, being away from it for a while, i was honestly surprised with how small it had gotten.But i think i know the problem.Drama.It pushes good riders from the sport and it keeps interested families from pursuing it further than the novice class.The only way it will grow is by getting kids on the bike at the track.If you want to have outside sponsors then you need customers to support them being involved, and that takes numbers.I dont even think that kids at Kennys school know what he does.How can an Olympic sport be unknown as an option in a local school?We need to start spreading the word and stop  trying to bring each other down.Peace.

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