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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Alise Post can save bmx!

 You may love or hate the way Schmick gets his point across on the internet, but this particular post of his made a lot of sense to me:

 While I haven't thought that the Olympics was going to be much help in getting new kids out to the BMX tracks across the country, watching the SX from Holland today I changed my mind just a tad. 
While I think the appeal to young males in the country will be affected little by the Olympics, the young ladies out there watching may certainly have their interests peaked.
After winning the SX I see this guy interviewing a gassed and excited Alise Post, suddenly it dawns on me...BMX's savior can be Alise. Part Mary Lou Retton and all the other parts bad-a$$ Alise can be the face of BMX in the USA. Here is this pixie faced, adorable, young lady boosting jumps that 99% of the males her age in this country will shy away from. Girls can look up to her as she isn't 6 feet tall and built like a lesbian sasquatch like some female athletes, she is just your everyday girl, as at home in a mall as in a gym or on a track. She even has a blonde headed Olympian boyfriend with a koala bear accent.
Name Alise to the US Olympic team...NOW, have one of the Olympics sponsors start putting her in advertisements, commercials, incorporate Sam in to them as well, Redline can buy some ads, introduce an Alise signature bike.
I'm on board.

Now there just needs to be tracks open so parents can get all of their daughters out to them. I dont see too many new parents driving more than 30 minutes to get to a track for their new to BMX families, not when there are softball, baseball, soccer, football fields, dance studios and gymnastic centers within 10 minutes of home. 

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