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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Pic of the day.

Brian MR BS Simmons is one fire this year.I think hes gonna be the one to beat at this years grands and should be looking to bring NAG one home to the bay.Hes flying on that new Chase frame and hes helping the 510 Bay Area bmxers make a serious name for them selves in their first year as a team.He also makes some sick music.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

pic of the day.

Fiddle Faddle and the Natural doing work in the cruiser class at Santa Clara pals state race. Christopher cracks me up,That kid has jokes.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Pic of the day.

 RJ Bean is  down, but dont count out the leader of Mob Moto bmx just yet.He is going for the district number one title and will be back in the mix before you know it.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Pic of the day.

  Im not totally positive who these guys are.All i know is that they were doing battle in the advanced gentlemen's cruiser class(old dude class) and i like their style.Taken at the Santa Clara Pal state race.If you can identify the riders please leave a comment Below.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Pic of the day.

LDC bikes are so fast they kill bugs.All you kids out there, dont you want to go fast enough to kill bugs?Hit your parents up for an LDC frame TODAY!Official frame of team Westsidebmx.com.
 Check out http://ldcbmx.com/ for more details.

Ryan Pettigrew interview.

 How many athletes in the world in any sport can suffer a crippling injury and be going  hard for a world title 9 months later? Im not talking pro or amatuer, im talking athletes.Check out this link:
  At the 3:47 second or so mark,you see Ryan Pettigrew going H.A.M. for a world title and going down.This was his first race back in 9 monthes after pretty much disconnecting his foot from his ankle.This kid is an amazing talent and i think hes coming back with a strong desire to win.When youve been number one everything, im sure nothing else seems right.Ryan is one of my favorite riders in bmx and not  just because of his riding ability.If you need a role model for your kid, tell them to pay attention to Ryan.He took a little time from his busy schedule over at the worlds and answered a few questions for us.

WestSide:In a nut shell what were your injuries and how long have you been out for?
RyanPettigrew:Severed foot: 9 months.

WS:What has it been like for the last couple of months with getting back on the bike?
RP:Its been a rough time since day one after surgery. Getting back on the bike is'nt everything, its about mid way of the recovery.

WS:Have you been able to give 100% in training?
RP:In some ways I have but with some permeant damage along with the months into recovery I've had to alter the way I train and do things.

WS:Are you nervous?
RP:I try to stay  positive, nerves can be worked out later.

WS:Do you feel your 100% on the track?
RP:With the small amount of time on the track I do feel confident, definitely not 100% my old self though.

WS:Where do you need the most work at on the track after being away?
RP:.I feel I have tons to improve on, from start to finish.

WS:What advice would you give to someone else coming back from an injury?
RP:Best advice would be staying positive. Look at the injury as a little break to get away from racing.

WS:Any shout outs or anyone you want to thank?
RP: I want to thank mom and dad for sticking with me and being possitive through everything I've been through the last year. My team manager Scott & Terri Angus for sticking with me through my injury and being patient and as always taking care of me. As well as Kirk &Birk @ J&R bikes.com, the Gonzales family, Hank, and all my other faimily and friends.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Pic of the day.

 Coby Andrews is still on the comeback trail from a nasty injury.Considering that most kids that found them selves on the wrong side of a dropped gate would not be back, its seemed to make him want it more.Hes been looking fast and stylish lately.
 And then there is the Bull.I get more facebook messages from him then anyone else in the world.I now look at him as family,even if its like the cousin that doesnt like me, so when you see him make sure to wish him luck on his Star Testing.He loves to hear encouraging words.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Pic of the day.

Bob Coover has been looking strong this year.He seems extra hungry to get a grey plate back on his bike. Currently sitting at NAG 7 in cruiser that looks to be a strong possibility.You can never count the Coov out in any race, and if you do, he just may ruin your day.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

This chick is a beast!(pic of the day).

  What can you say about Stella?Shes so cute, but when she jumps on her sick LDC whip and hits the track sporting her Napa gear she turns into an animal.She definitely has a future in bmx racing and will be sporting grey plates with skinny black numbers for a long time.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Pic of the day.(I know Allan Porter.)

  The Cobra has been looking good this year.Hes currently sitting NAG 5 in cruiser and he should be in top fighting shape by the grands.Look for him flying the Bandit colors this season in national main events.When you see him make sure you throw up the cobra fangs.Number 13 on the chart.I know Allan Porter.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

What gear are you running?

  First of all anything i write in this blog, is purely my opinion.It is all based on my experiences with bmx,working with Kenny and being way to obsessed with the sport.Im not saying its right or wrong, just my experience with it..
  So back to the question  weve all asked and heard at some point."What gear are you running?"
When some one asks me that, i think of roll out inches.In a nut shell, thats the distance your bike will travel with one rotation of the cranks.Dont over think that.Because first thing you need to do is figure if your kids a spinner.You often hear people say that their kid is pedaling as fast as they can and not going anywhere,so they move them up in gearing once or three times.
  Now to me, you need to train your kids to be spinners and not the other way around.Its all about foot speed and getting in as many quick pedals as you can while pumping or manualing every thing else.If your gears to big then its harder to get in as many pedals as you can.I always set Kennys bikes up with as close to 53.3 inches of rollout as i can.I figure this out by measuring how tall his back tire  is and using a calculator.I dont trust the charts 100%.So just put your bike on a flat sufrace and measure how tall the tire is.What i do is get one of those yard stick levels and stand the bike against the wall straight.
I place the level at the top of the tire and after its level i measure the distance from the floor to the level.Being a quarter inch off can throw off the whole thing off.
   Next you take the number of teeth of the chain ring and divide it by the number of teeth on the rear cog.Multiply that number by the tire height and you have your roll out.This is importans for changing bike setup and running multiple bikes.Plus its something to work off of when you are trying to figure out the best gearing.Hopefully this didnt confuse to many people.

Pic of the day.

   Bryce Betts has been riding bmx bikes for a long time, most of his life in fact.He was a fast little kid with many  successes and achievements.And it seems that the spark he had as a kid is back, and you can tell by the way hes been riding this year.He is also a true brand ambassador as well as an asset to the sport.Check him out on twitter: @BryceBetts132 or on his soon to launch website BryceBetts.com

Monday, May 21, 2012

Pal state race video.

Here is a quick video of westside team members and cosponsored riders at the 2012 Santa Clara PAL state race.

Pic of the day.

 Not only are these two incredible bmx racers, but they are two of the nicest kids you will ever meet.Ricky Castro and Max Rund battled all day at the SC PAL state race and finished 1 and 2 in both 11 year old classes.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Practice pictures fro PALs state race.

  It was an awesome day at Santa Clara pal bmx.They successfully hosted their triple point state qualifier today and the racing was Hot.The track looked great and all of the volunteers pulled off a smooth race.They also ran a pro am Hosted by NorCal legend Terry Tennete and one of the young Guns Diggity Dogg pulled of the upset winning all rounds.If your Not familiar with the name Diggity Dogg, he also goes by Bryce Betts.
   Jon Moohey gets the digger award after getting a little squirley in practice and going down.He wasnt seriously injured but he did get to spend some one on one time with Robert.He is in good spirits and doing fine.
   The team compitition was intense.Im very proud of my boys for bringing home a perfect team sheet, but rider counts did us in.Congratulations to the top three teams:
1)Napa Valley Crush
2)Team Icee
3)Marina cycles.
   I believe there were almost as many motos as the love series race so you know it was a good turn out.The facilities are looking great and and the crew over there is working hard to provide everyone with a great program.This is an album from the practice session:

Pic of the day.

This is one of my favorite riders to watch. Every time i see Brooke Trout Grindle she's pushing it hard and making progress. And i love watching her jump. Shes one of the up and coming NorCal kids and you better keep an eye on her when she throws on the Napa colors and hits the track on her sick Supercross whip.

Saturday, May 19, 2012


  Not that Drama, this is a bmx site, im talking about track drama.It seems everyone has been involved in some of it at some point.Bmx racing is a very small community and thru doing the Love series i noticed that alot of people just dont like each other.People talk behind each others backs, spread rumors, do things out of spite or even try to intimidate children.Its a very sad side of a great sport, but being a small community its hard to escape.
  If you follow the online bmx community then youve probably seen threads about BMX growing.To me, being away from it for a while, i was honestly surprised with how small it had gotten.But i think i know the problem.Drama.It pushes good riders from the sport and it keeps interested families from pursuing it further than the novice class.The only way it will grow is by getting kids on the bike at the track.If you want to have outside sponsors then you need customers to support them being involved, and that takes numbers.I dont even think that kids at Kennys school know what he does.How can an Olympic sport be unknown as an option in a local school?We need to start spreading the word and stop  trying to bring each other down.Peace.

Pics from Santa Clara PAL. May 15th 2012

Here are a few pics i had from Santa Clara PAL bmx on May15th 2012.

Pic of the day.

Alexis Vergara has been a part of  NorCal bmx almost his whole life.Hes a legend.As an amateur he achieved one of the greatest accomplishments possible.National number one amateur.Now a days he is still following his bmx dreams and working to represent the Philippines in the Olympics.He is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet, and all of us at westside bmx wish him the best of luck.Go get em Turbo!! We will be cheering for you.

Friday, May 18, 2012

A sorta half a$$ westside history.

It all started with Kenny Cross.....
 Being able to have the oppurtunity to start the website has been a dream come true for me.Ive loved bmx since i was 7 years old and ive been facinated with it ever since.I raced when i was kid and i never felt better then when i was on my bike.I never raced as much as Kenny does or had his success and i would actually admire the kids like him that i would see in the magazines.This was way before the internet.I looked forward to seeing the pictures in the magazines more then anything in the world and they only came out once a month.Bob Osborn seemed like the perfect father and RL was the coolest dude in the world.And Wendy took the sickest pics.

 So lets fast forward a few decades and im in my early 30s.I started dating Jessica after i survived some crazy years(lets just leave it at that) and soon met Kenny Cross.He had just turned 6 and i was getting back into bmx after a long time away.This was the first year of the Dew tour so i scored some tickets and gave them to Jess to take him and thats where we met.I asked him if hes ever been to a BMX track and he said no, the next day i drove to Santa Nella and traded a cruiser for a Redline for him to start racing.He fell in love with it instantly and showed alot  of natural ability.He smashed thru the novice class and started doing good in intermediate and then he broke his collar bone.

 He didnt go to a bmx track for a year and a half after that.But during that time i took him to ride bikes all the time.Trails,bike parks,skate parks, open tracks, even parking lots.But the year Obama gave out stimulas money i convinced him to go to Supercamp and Barack payed for it.He fell in love with racing again.Also around the same time i stopped riding bikes after doing a straight body plant at the Pleasanton bike park.First time i ever rode in an ambulance.I love riding bmx bikes but i also need to be responsible and work, and i cant do my job injured.

  So Westsidebmx.com started from some silly argument i had on another site about my posting etiquette. Basically a few people told me if i didn't like how it was, to make my own website and i can do what ever i want. Best advice ever.Because from the site, i started the team and that has been a killer experience.But in the beginning i said it all started with Kenny Cross, and it did, because he used to bug me all the time to put him on Youtube.Kennycrossbmx is the original youtube channel i use.Its named that because in the beginning thats what it was.Clips of Kenny posted by someone that knows nothing about videos.I will never claim my videos are ground breaking or high tech or well made. But i have had alot of people tell me that they got choked up seeing their kid race while watching a video i made. Or that their kid watched a video so many times the songs forever stuck in their head.To me thats pretty cool.

    Ive had a lot of cool opportunities from all of this and cant wait to see what happens next and i will make sure you all know about it as soon as it does-James


Luke O'Moore

Im very proud to report that Luke O'Moore founder and president of Lukes Lemons made his latest donation to the Lucile Packard childrens hospital for over $9500. It was a pleasure to have the opportunity to work with Mr.O'Moore and his foundation. Being a part of the NorCal Love series was an incredible experience for me and i cant wait to work with Luke again in the future.Check out the link for more on Luke and the Love series.

Pic of the day.

If you race bmx then you've probably already heard of the 510 Bay Area Bmx team.They are new this season, but they are already making a big impact not only in the bmx scene but also in their communities.Keep an eye on Howard Catos crew and they things they do in the future, it should be awesome.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

A pro and Jr devo from Bakersfield 2012.

A pro and boys Jr. Devo action from bakersfield 2012:

Meghan Matthews on the news!!!

Good luck to NorCal bmx racer Meghan Matthews.She is on her way to the worlds in England and had the opportunity to be on the local news.She is a great ambassador for the NorCal scene and we wish her the best of luck and safe travels.This is your year Meghan!!Check out this awesome segment.

Pic of the day.

Taylor Pine,Chase Amberg and Rick Settle going for it at Santa Clara pal bmx.

Good luck to all the USA riders!!!!

  I noticed on facebook today that a lot of people are en route to the BMX world championships in England. For some it is their first trip and for others this is a dream they have been pursuing for many years.But either way, the experience of going to the worlds and representing your country is one of the unique things about of little sport. We all as BMX parents sacrifice a lot to give our kids this lifestyle and i know for me personally there is nothing else id rather do.Representing your team at bmx races is a lot of fun but representing your country on the world stage is taking it to another level.So i just want to say good luck to all the riders going and give props to the parents,families, friends,communities and sponsors for helping them get there.Be safe in your travels and take lots of pictures. If you would like more info about the upcoming Worlds, click the link below.


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Alise Post can save bmx!

 You may love or hate the way Schmick gets his point across on the internet, but this particular post of his made a lot of sense to me:

 While I haven't thought that the Olympics was going to be much help in getting new kids out to the BMX tracks across the country, watching the SX from Holland today I changed my mind just a tad. 
While I think the appeal to young males in the country will be affected little by the Olympics, the young ladies out there watching may certainly have their interests peaked.
After winning the SX I see this guy interviewing a gassed and excited Alise Post, suddenly it dawns on me...BMX's savior can be Alise. Part Mary Lou Retton and all the other parts bad-a$$ Alise can be the face of BMX in the USA. Here is this pixie faced, adorable, young lady boosting jumps that 99% of the males her age in this country will shy away from. Girls can look up to her as she isn't 6 feet tall and built like a lesbian sasquatch like some female athletes, she is just your everyday girl, as at home in a mall as in a gym or on a track. She even has a blonde headed Olympian boyfriend with a koala bear accent.
Name Alise to the US Olympic team...NOW, have one of the Olympics sponsors start putting her in advertisements, commercials, incorporate Sam in to them as well, Redline can buy some ads, introduce an Alise signature bike.
I'm on board.

Now there just needs to be tracks open so parents can get all of their daughters out to them. I dont see too many new parents driving more than 30 minutes to get to a track for their new to BMX families, not when there are softball, baseball, soccer, football fields, dance studios and gymnastic centers within 10 minutes of home. 

Pic of the day.

Damian Ontiveros is leaving soon for the worlds in England.He will be repping the USA and the Bay Area bmxers. Photo taken at Santa Clara Pal bmx.Good luck Bro, Make us all proud.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Pic of the day.

Whats wrong with these pics ? Taken at santa clara pal.He still pulled off a second this round and im pretty sure he won the main.after he got straightened out.

Santa Clara PAL state race may 20th

Off to some gate practice at Sant Clara Pal bmx.They are having a triple point state race there this sunday may 20th.Should be a beautiful day and the racing should be great.All the NorCal teams should be in the house reppin their colors and snatching up those state points.YOu need three scores and the finals to have a chance for a state ranking so start getting your scores now.The state series races are always some of my favorites, its like going to a national with only the people you know there.So come on out and have some fun and did i mention its triple district points? And check out the facebook page for up to the minute updates.http://www.facebook.com/SantaClaraPalBmx?ref=ts

Monday, May 14, 2012

Picture of the day.

Picture of the Day.Today is the first day of testing out running a blog format.This pic is of Kenny Cross and it was takin March 9th at Bubba G's house.